Me and my paintbrush

I’m back into painting.

I’m back into painting. I like painting again, and even love it, and probably with reciprocity. But it wasn’t always on our way. I remember painting and drawing classes in college – I must admit that they were not my favorite classes. I was much better at graphics (especially creating posters made me a lot of fun), editorial graphics, magazine composition and to be honest … this is how I saw my future. I never thought that a moment would come when I would leave it a bit aside and want to try different painting techniques. Yes, I apologized to the brush..

The feeling is back, bigger and stronger, stronger enough that now, apart from brushes, I also paint with paint spatulas, I use the technique of „pouring” paint, I’ve also attended resin painting workshops, I feel a desire to experiment gently, I enjoy it and it gives me joy. The variety that painting means a freedom closed in the form of an image. Your positive reactions are gold for me and a huge mobilization for further action. For which … I would like to say thank you.

PS. Yes, I am one of those artists who care about their work tools (that’s why they’re so clean). Leaving an unwashed brush for a day, unfortunately, ends with the fact that you have to throw it away, so while everything is dirty during work (easel, floor, my clothes, hands, face, cat’s paws), after all this noise I clean up like any normal person.


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