Is a painting a good gift idea?

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Every moment is the right time to give something beautiful to your relatives and friends.

Every moment is the right time to give something beautiful to your relatives and friends. Birthdays, name days, Christmas, but also various events such as teachers' day, new house or apartment or the birth of a new family member - all these are great opportunities to give a gift. But do we absolutely need an occasion? After all, each of us feels this pleasant tingling in the stomach when he sees the smile on the face of the recipient saying "you didn't have to" or "you went crazy". Can we not give ourselves such pleasure more often than only on holidays?

I paint, so the question arises - is a painting a good gift idea? I myself am very happy with this type of gifts. A few years ago I received papyrus from Egypt from my sister-in-law and brother. Despite the fact that it is not framed and does not hang on any wall - I can see it in my new space through the eyes of my imagination. A few years ago my husband received decorations from friends from China who are also waiting for their place. These types of treasures do not look good when only hung on a large wall. I am already waiting to choose one wall in the new space, on which all these "ethnic" gifts will appear and finally start to please our eyes (instead of putting them over and over again from place to place during cleaning, wondering if it is time to throw them on garbage can).

I love receiving paintings, posters (my next love), but I wonder if anyone would like to receive such a gift from me? Even though I love my works myself and I like to hang them at home - I'm always worried whether the recipient will like them too. We recently visited my mother-in-law's friend whom I wanted to give a painting to. Why her? Because I did not know her and I will probably not meet her again soon, so I do not worry about whether you will like my painting or the fact that the next time I visit it, it will mean that it has found a place in a new house or that it has stayed hanged at the last minute so as not to upset me. When the mother-in-law saw this gift, she immediately asked: "and when will I finally get your painting?" I thought I was going to burn with shame. How could I have given a picture to her friend and not her? But that's because I don't want to embarrass her in case she doesn't like the picture. I know, she praises and not only she, but how do I know if she praises because she really likes it or because she wants to be nice? So many questions and so few answers are the artist's dilemmas. But this entry was not supposed to be about me, but whether a painting is a good gift idea?

Yes, a picture is a good gift idea.

Don't think about the artist's dilemmas, artists are a strange and not fully understood genre. The truth is, the painting is a brilliant and extremely original idea. Think how many times you have given someone a picture? How many times has someone given you a picture? Well, probably not many such cases come to your mind. That is why art is an unconventional gift idea , but on the condition that you know more or less the taste of the recipient. It would be good if you know more or less the interior design. For example, an abstraction is unlikely to be a good idea for a grandmother whose large room is filled with antiques (although, who knows, it might suit eclecticism).

Another question - what to choose?

The safe option is not to risk it and buy perfume / jewelry / flowers for the first time - you probably already guessed that I would choose it myself. But since you've read up to this point, I think there is a shadow of a chance that you want to take a risk and this time approach the matter a bit more originally.

For people like you (and me) I have prepared gift vouchers for paintingsLike a well-worn idea because now everyone is selling gift certificates. But have you ever seen an art voucher?

Answering the question from the title - is the painting a good gift idea? Even great - but it will be even better when the recipient decides what image they want to get. And there will be no compulsion to hang a picture when you come in for coffee. You won't need to download it every time you go out. Everyone is happy and that's the most beautiful thing about it.

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