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Single picture is worth more than thousand words.
My graphic designs are complete story.

Ewelina Kania

Ewelina Kania

Independent computer graphic designer since 2009. Freelancer and passionate about the creative design of images and logos for companies. An emotional provocateur, verifying the current needs of the client, using the persuasive influence of graphics on consumers’ purchasing decisions.

A graduate of the Zespół Szkół Technicznych No. 4 in Tarnowskie Góry (IT technician, specialization: Computer graphics) and University of Information Technology and Medicine in Chorzów (major: Graphics).

Passionate about innovative solutions in graphic design, drawing inspiration from groundbreaking advertising campaigns of the last decade. Propagator of simplicity, minimalism, clarity and absolute functionality of computer graphics in the marketing activities of enterprises.

Experienced graphic designer, using advanced tools: Corel, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Corel Paint Shop Pro X5, Adobe InDesign and the CMS TYPO3 system.

Abstract art painter and passionate about abstract art.

My name is Ewelina Kania. I’m glad you came under my wings.

Making abstract art means going outside of borders for me, training of creativity for brain muscles. While creating I think of form, lines and shapes. I start with the lightest colors to then move to more contrasting ones, then add some depth by adding little detail paint brush final touches.

I always focus on making the composition consistent.

For me making abstract art is a lot of joy but it’s also a freedom.

Ewelina Kania

LUUA Ewelina Kania
tel: +48 791-678-028

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